Symposium ‘The Evolution of Consciousness’ at ESPP 2018

This year I was invited to organise a symposium on ‘The Evolution of Consciousness’ at the European Society for Philosophy and Psychology (and Linguistics…). Much fun had by all.

The line-up (photos from Twitter):



Clint Perry, QMUL

Behavioural flexibility in arthropods




Janicke Nordgreen, Norwegian University of Life Sciences

Happy hens and thoughtful fish




Liz Irvine, Cardiff University

Measurement in consciousness science





Jonathan Birch, LSE

Can a single neuron support subjective experience?

2016 (Co-) Winner of the Sir Karl Popper Essay Prize

I’m one of this year’s joint winners of the Sir Karl Popper Prize from the British Journal for the Philosophy of Science for my paper ‘Model-Based Theorizing in Cognitive Neuroscience’. The other winner is Eran Tal with his fabulous paper ‘Making Time: A Study in the Epistemology of Measurement’.

My paper:

Eran Tal’s paper:

Comments from the editors here:

(Info: “The Sir Karl Popper Essay Prize is awarded for the best of those papers appearing in the British Journal for the Philosophy of Science. It is awarded on the basis of the judgement of the Editors of the Journal (in liaison with the BSPS Committee, as the Editors see fit) from papers appearing in that year’s volume of the Journal”).