April 4, 2018 I gave a talk on ‘The Evolution of Consciousness’ for the Edinburgh Skeptics group as part of the Edinburgh Science Festival (see full line-up here: https://contact75352.wixsite.com/edskeptics/edinburgh-science-festival).


RPG: Relating Philosophy and (Video) Games

In 2016-2017 myself and Steph Rennick ran an engagement series on RPG: Relating Philosophy and (Video) Games.

Steph is a regular panellist at Nine Worlds (‘Dragon Age and Philosophy’ and ‘Lessons for Academia from Video Games’ in 2016, and ‘Final Fantasy and Philosophy’ and ‘Time travel’ upcoming in 2017).

We’ve run, or been part of a few events at Cardiff, including:

  • An opening night with talks from myself, Steph, and Andrew Edgar on how we can use video games to inform philosophy (Sept 2016)
  • An event with local games writers Talespinners on narrative in games (Nov 2016)
  • A BAFTA Cymru event on interactive writing, also with Talespinners (April 2017)
  • An event with video games journalist Jordan Webber on how video games can offer unique ways to explore philosophical problems, feminist engagement with video games, and more (June 2017)

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Twitter: @philosophyrpg