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‘Andy Clark and his Critics,’ 2019, Oxford University Press, co-edited with Matteo Colombo and Mog Stapleton. See here. To launch the book we organised this conference.


‘Consciousness as a Scientific Concept: A Philosophy of Science Perspective,’ Mind and Brain Series, Springer, 2012. Table of contents here, link to Springer website here, and review in The British Journal for the Philosophy of Science here.

Published & Forthcoming Papers 

Developing valid behavioural indicators of animal pain. Philosophical Topics. (Forthcoming).

Assessing Unlimited Associative Learning as a Transition Marker, commentary on ‘Unlimited Associative Learning and the Origins of Consciousness: A Primer and Some Predictions’, by Birch, J., Ginsburg, S., & Jablonka, E. Biology and Philosophy. here

The role of replication studies in theory building (2020). Perspectives on Psychological Science, (online first)here

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Developing Dark Pessimism Towards the Justificatory Role of Introspective Reports (2019). Erkenntnis. here

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