Invited talks

‘Introspection as Measurement’, part of an invited symposium on Consciousness and Introspection with Hakwan Lau, Michael Shadlen, and Wayne Wu, at the meeting of the Society for Philosophy and Psychology, Johns Hopkins University, June 2017

‘First Principles in the Cognitive Sciences?’, Workshop on First Principles in Science, Munich Centre for Mathematical Philosophy, LMU, June 2016

‘Language origins: Short-cuts and Symbols’, Philosophy of Science series, University of Edinburgh, January 2016

‘The reliability and validity of first person data’, conference on ‘Subjective Data and the Science of Consciousness’, Paris-Sorbonne, and University of Bristol, October 2015

‘Measurement and introspection’, University of Bristol, October 2015

Contribution to online book club hosted by the International Cognition and Culture Institute, June/July 2015, on Scott-Phillips’ ‘Speaking our Minds’.

‘The reliability and accuracy of introspection’, workshop on hallucinations and introspection, University of Bergen, May 2015

‘Introspection: Data and Measurement’, University of Glasgow, March 2015

‘The dual-process framework: Hot or not?’, University of Cardiff, December 2014

‘What’s so hard about symbolic communication?’, University of Melbourne, August 2014

‘Two types of theorising’, University of Adelaide, May 2014

Member of discussion panel, ‘Consciousness Symposium’, University of Adelaide Philosophy Club, May 2014

‘Two types of theorising’, Sydney University (History and Philosophy of Science Department), May 2014

‘Rationality and the science of decision making’, Macquarie University (Philosophy Department), May 2014

‘Gestures, iconicity, and the evolution of language: Some problems’, Macquarie University, (Centre for Cognition and its Disorders), April 2014

‘Iconicity, non-arbitrariness, and bootstrapping in the evolution of language’, ANU,  September 2013

‘Kinds of consciousness?’, Mind Network meeting, October 2012

‘Boundaries of experience: Methods and measures’, Invited Symposium on ‘In and Out of Experience’, European Society for Philosophy and Psychology, August 2012

‘Process models and pluralism’, workshop on ‘Explaining mental phenomena’, Center for Integrative Neuroscience, July 2012

‘Measuring consciousness: Methodological lessons from Psychology’, workshop on First Person Methods, Center for Integrative Neuroscience, June 2012

‘Evaluating mental concepts: The role of scientific practice’, workshop on Philosophy of Neuroscience, Center for Integrative Neuroscience, University of Tuebingen, July 2011

Conference presentations

‘The power of pointing in the evolution of language’ (joint work with Sean G. Roberts), ESPP conference, August 2016

‘Introspection as Measurement’, part of a panel on Introspection with Maja Spener, Joint Sessions, July 2016

‘Evolutionary reasoning in studies of language origins’, meeting of British Society for Philosophy of Science, July 2016

‘Deictic tools can limit the emergence of referential symbol systems’ (joint work with Sean G. Roberts), 11th International Conference on the Evolution of Language, March 2016

‘Method and evidence: Gesture and iconicity in the evolution of language?’, Australasian Association for Philosophy meeting, July 2014

‘What iconicity can and cannot do for protolanguage’, 10th International Conference on the Evolution of Language, April 2014

‘Skill learning, play, and the evolution of language’, Sydney-ANU Philosophy of Biology Workshop, and New Zealand AAP Meeting, December 2013

‘A robustness approach to theory builing: A case study of language evolution’ (poster). Cognitive Science Society Meeting, July/August 2013

‘Learning from computer and human simulations: The case of language evolution’, British Society for the Philosophy of Science, July 2013

‘Robustness and explanatory power’, Workshop on Explanatory Power, Bochum, April 2013

‘Mechanisms, natural kinds, and the boundaries of cognition’, German Philosophy of Science meeting, 2013

‘Process models and model testing in decision-making’, European Society for Philosophy and Psychology, 2012

‘Pluralism in cognitive science’, British Society for the Philosophy of Science, July 2012

‘The role of scientific practise in eliminativist claims: A case study of consciousness’, Society for the Philosophy of Science in Practise, June 2011

‘Converging on consciousness?’, Association for the Scientific Study of Consciousness, June 2011

‘Conflicting contents of consciousness and what to do about them’, European Society for Philosophy and Psychology, August 2010

‘Consciousness as one or more natural kinds: Eliminativism vs. pluralism’, British Society for the Philosophy of Science, July 2010

‘Operationalising what?’, (poster), Association for the Scientific Study of Consciousness, June 2010

‘Consciousness, d’ and minimally flexible responses’, European Society for Philosophy and Psychology, August 2009

‘Expectations, action triggers and objective measures of consciousness’, British Society for Philosophy of Science, July 2009

‘Do dissociations work?’ (poster, received second prize in student philosophy poster competition), Association for Scientific Study of Consciousness, 2009

‘Confidence ratings and consciousness’, Graduate Conference in Philosophy, Psychology, Neuroscience and Biology, University of Edinburgh, 2008

‘Signal detection theory and the exclusion failure paradigm – Evidence for P without A consciousness?’, 2007, at Association for the Scientific Study of Consciousness, Society for Philosophy and Psychology, European Society for Philosophy and Psychology, British Society for Philosophy of Science