Current (University of Cardiff)

‘Epistemology’ (2nd year)

‘Philosophy of Science’ (3rd year)

‘Evolutionary approaches to Mind and Society’ (MA)

‘Critical Thinking’ (1st year)


Previous teaching

ANU, Department of Philosophy

‘The Science of Consciousness’, graduate seminar, July/August 2014

Consciousness Foundations ANU


University of Tuebingen, Department of Philosophy and Centre for Integrative Neuroscience

‘Philosophy of Experimentation’ with Catherine Stinson, summer semester 2013, for syllabus see here

‘Mental Architectures’ with Dr. Hong Yu Wong and Catherine Stinson (Philosophy of Neuroscience), winter semester 2012-2013, for syllabus see here

‘Explaining Consciousness?’ graduate seminar at Center for Integrative Neuroscience, summer semester 2012, for syllabus see here

‘Decision Making: Models, Mechanisms and Levels’, graduate seminar co-taught with Dr. Hong Yu Wong (Philosophy) and Dr. Kirsten Volz (Neuroscience), winter semester 2011-2012, for syllabus see here


University of Edinburgh, Department of Philosophy

Marker for ‘Self, Agency and the Will’, 2011

Lecturer for ‘Mind, Matter and Language’, 2010

Tutor for ‘Mind, Matter and Language’, 2010

Tutor for ‘Philosophy of Science’, 2009 (two semesters)


University of Pittsburgh, Department of History and Philosophy of Science

Teaching Assistant for ‘Medicine and Morality’ (medical ethics), ‘Mind and Medicine’ (critique of evolutionary psychology), 2006-2007